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The Prisoner of Fate*

Girl Masquerades as Boy, Even to her Father and Siblings

This story looks to be setting up future adventures. Noah is a girl, but at the start of the story, only her mother knows this. The position of the seventh son in a family is very important, so her mother decided that she would take on the guise of the seventh son even though she is not male. Her brothers and father have no clue. She is sent off to a magical academy where seventh sons and mages are trained and treated with particular respect. But the term does not go well for her on several counts even though she does well academically Will it be found out that she is, indeed, not a seventh son? What would be the consequences, for her and for her family?

I found it hard to believe that no one in the family except her mother knew that she was a girl. It just seems that with so many people living in such close proximity that they would have to know. I don’t feel it was adequately explained why keeping it a secret was so important. To have her family actually be in jeopardy if she is found out seems extreme. Other than that, I found this to be an interesting setup for a magical world, and given the ending, I am curious about what Noah’s future holds.