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The Power of Isolation*

The Power of You

This collection of 26 essays–some long, some short–was originally put together by the author for herself to come back to when she needed to refresh and renew. I think the title, The Power of Isolation, isn’t wholly accurate. Isolation suggest that we need to be shut off from everything and everyone to tap into whatever power she is talking about. But that is not the case. All the essays do have to do with the self, so maybe a better title would be The Power of Self. Sometimes self is explored in relation to others, and other times, the exploration is completely within. The author is definitely into meditation, and some of the practices that aren’t up straight meditation involve it to some degree–if you see meditation as bringing mindfulness and a certain presence to your reality. If you’re into metaphysics at all, this is an interesting read that will get you thinking and sometimes doing!

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