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The PCOS Diet*

Clear Bias Shown

After just having read the PCOS book by this author, I find myself surprised by this one. The book doesn’t really live up to the title, subtitle, or what the author states in the introduction. She shows a clear bias for and against particular ways of eating that don’t seem appropriate in a book that should be objective so it could help the most people.

She states in the introduction that she really won’t be discussing PCOS in general as she has another book for that. However, a large chunk of the book is precisely about that and not about diet in particular. If you’re hoping for one particular PCOS diet, she doesn’t offer that here, not even in the chapter labeled The PCOS Diet. In fact in the chapter summary of that section, she stays that there is no one PCOS diet. After discussing generalities—like an introduction to PCOS, insulin resistance, exercise, and androgens—she finally moves on to more information about nutrition as she looks at the anti-inflammatory, Keto, and plant-based vegan diets. The author clearly favors the anti-inflammatory and keto diets. The chapter on the vegan diet was so biased that I actually had a hard time reading it. Clearly, the author loves meat and cannot fathom that people would stay on a vegan diet long term. She goes so far as to state it is radical, not realistic, and requires too much sacrifice to be viable. Honestly, I could say the same thing about keto, as I find its love of fat and eschewing of carbohydrates to be extreme. I would have preferred some objectivity in a book like this. A few other concepts are discussed, like diet breaks and mindset.

I don’t know how many books are out there about nutrition and PCOS, but I would imagine that there are better books that don’t have quite the biases that this one has.