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The Other Side of Yes*

Hero Totally Off-Putting

I am usually a reader who enjoys a second-chance-at-romance book. But I just could not get into this book because I thought the hero was pretty awful. He abandoned his pregnant girlfriend so he could see the world, letting her raise their son while she struggled through a pastry school and life after that. The author states that he did send money and came for occasional visits, but that last part was contradicted in the book several times when it was noted that the mother hadn’t seen the father since the child had been born. How could he have spent time with his son and not see the mother? Usually in these kinds of stories, the hero is at least a little contrite or want to make amends; he is typically introspective at least a little, which allows him to understand the mistakes he has made and appreciate the impact he has inadvertently had on other people (namely his child and the mother of his child). This one wasn’t any of that. When they meet again, he’s a smirking, joking jerk who frankly isn’t good enough to lick her boots. He just aggravated the heck out of me.