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The Nerd Next Door*

Nerdy Neighbor Has NO Clue!

Haley has a great new job and her nearly next door neighbor is a hot, young professor. They both have an attraction to each other instantly, but neither is confident enough even to have full conversations for a bit. Haley has a three-legged dog named Tank that causes a few embarrassing moments for both her and the professor.

How will this new job go for Haley? Will these two act on their attraction to each other?

The book alternates between Haley’s and Ted’s viewpoints. They are both professionals–she is a veterinarian and he is a professor–but I didn’t think their word choice and language usage reflected that. Also, I didn’t think there was enough of a distinction between their voices; they didn’t sound different enough. I thought, too, that there were a little too many crude words.

That being said, there are some parts of this book that were quite funny. Haley is very attracted to Ted, but he has absolutely no clue. I mean, NO clue. In fact, he first thinks she’s a lesbian, and then he thinks she is bisexual! So he simply tries to be a friend for a long time while denying his feelings.

If you like your men a little nerdy, you might enjoy this light, romantic read.