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The Minimalist Babe*

Cut, Tidy, and Declutter Your Life

Minimalism is certainly a trendy topic right now, and in this book, the author shares her own personal journey and insights into returning to her minimalist roots. She states at the beginning that she believes that we are all born minimalist but become more maximalist as we become part of our culture.

The first section addresses why this topic could be important in your life, and then further chapters look at specific aspects of life, like mind, body, soul, environment, and money. Several topics are explored within these aspects (like the Soul part looking at spiritual practices as well as your social circle), and everywhere she encourages you to declutter and simplify all parts of your life. Not everything will relate to everyone. Not everyone is addicted to, say, taking selfies. But she does bring up much food for thought about where you might be over-complicating your life and perhaps causing yourself some distress. Parts of this book felt a little too personal for me. The author does not hesitate to share her own stories and her own minimalist journey. It does make sense in a book like this to share those kinds of details; it is still just mildly uncomfortable. That said, if you’re looking to live your life more minimally, this book could guide you to a more on that approach in several parts of your life.