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The Memories of Duke*

Stilted Language and Uninspired Plot

This very short novella can be read in under an hour. The heroine discovers the duke after he’s had a riding accident and has subsequently lost his memory. She’s able to get him inside and tends to him. His family and friends are searching for him, and they finally find him three days later with the heroine. The duke cannot remember or recognize these people still, so he asks that the heroine come back with him so that he can have one person whom he knows.

This book has some very awkward praising and dialogue that seems neither wholly Regency nor wholly contemporary. It is overly formal; the thoughts themselves don’t seem like natural ones people would have. The book also has issues with grammar, punctuation, and usage. Commas are problematic on several counts. A few wrong words were used. I do have one historical quibble. I don’t believe that back in Regency times there was anything so formal as a nursing school. Even a hundred years ago, it was more common for nurses to be trained right in a hospital, not in a school, and this would only have lasted for a few weeks.