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The Lost Book of the Grail*

Excellent Blend of Scholarship and Spirituality

I’ve long been a fan of John and Caitlin Matthews’ writings on pagan topics (some 20 years). They have an excellent way of combining scholarship and spirituality that appeals to both my head and heart. This book is no exception. It is about a recently discovered text called the Elucidation, which is an early medieval version of the Grail myth. This version of the story shows the ties of the story to the pre-Christian world. The authors not only present the text itself, but give the context for it within the greater body of Grail literature. They analyze the text and also further look at the themes brought up within the text, giving insight into how its ideas can resonate with personal spiritual practice. This adds so much to what we think of as the Grail story. Another thought-provoking look at the Celtic roots of culture and spirituality by these authors.

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