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The Lieutenant's Lady*

Regency Fugitives… Is One a Spy?

The cover of this book makes you think it is your typical historical romance, but it is far from the regular Regency. In a good way! (Not that I don’t love a traditional Regency.) This book is not one of manners and courtship like most of the genre. Instead, it looks at a complicated relationship between enemies in the time of war. The hero is in the British Navy, and the French capture his ship right when the book starts. When delivered to land and the local gendarmerie, he is given quarter in a French widow’s home. She is not too pleased about this. Throughout the book, they become fugitives, on the run in France on the way to England. They do have an undeniable chemistry that neither understands nor is quite willing to admit to fully. So this is action Regency romance with a little bit of espionage and intrigue thrown in. A unique combination to be sure and very well done by this author.