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The Legacies of Brigadier Station*

A Book with an Exceptional Sense of Place and Relatable Characters

This is the second book I have read of this series, and I find it a pure delight. The author has done such a good job giving a strong sense of place. I have never been to Australia, but with her descriptions of the land and the use of language, I felt like I was right there. (I even had to look up some Aussie slang.) I really enjoyed this story of Lachie and Abbie’s relationship. Lachie is trying to set himself to rights as a recovering alcoholic; he wants to be a better man than his father was. Abby is a nurse and a single mother to a young girl, who is completely adorable. I am an RN myself, and I did see some issues with the medical parts of it. For instance, they would need to operate on a strangulated bowel coming through a hernia not because of the patient’s pain but because of the potential problems for ischemia (lack of blood flow) and subsequent death of bowel tissue. I can’t quite imagine, too, that it is ethical for a nurse in Australia to take a patient into her home after a hospital stay. But this is fiction, and I won’t give too much of a quibble.

The characterization in this book was excellent as well. You can get a strong sense of both the hero and the heroine, and I love the extended family of Brigadier Station. I love books that realistically portray what it is like to be in a loving, though sometimes too involved, family. While you don’t need to read any of the previous books as this one does stand alone very well, reading other books in the series will give you a firmer sense of place, this family, and all the difficulties they are facing in the Outback. Another exceptional story by this author and in this series.