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The Lady Warriors of Barony*

Trio of Strong Women Find Their HEAs

This book is a collection of three novellas about three very different female warriors who helped change the tides of history in Barony. Each novella shows the background of each woman as well as her present circumstance before their worlds go awry in very different ways. But each is also a romance, with heroes that are very appropriate for these strong women.

This is the first book that I have read of this series, so I don’t have the whole background, but I can say you don’t need to have read the previous books to appreciate this one. All three women who starred in these novellas have an incredible strength of character as well as of body. Their histories are complex, and the very first story about Ava pulled me right in with the horrific description of the rebels coming through her town when she was a child. The author did a brilliant job of showing this pivotal moment that changed this young girl in more ways than one. This very first scene pulled me into this set of books emotionally so I couldn’t help but want to continue. I appreciate the racial diversity of these women. The stories are so very different, which is a delight in the collection, as they often contain stories that are too similar. The heroes were the perfect matches and compliments to the heroines, and the HEAs were very satisfying and wholly appropriate for the circumstances of each story.

The author has the ability to describe with such depth that you feel like you can see what’s going on or the surroundings and feel the emotions of the characters, yet it doesn’t feel like too much narrative or description. Not an easy thing to do! She literally draws you into the story with an ease that I rarely see in fiction, and I read a lot! She has developed plots that play up the heroine’s strengths but also show their vulnerabilities. If you like well-written, engaging fantasy with strong female leads that feels moored in reality, you may very well enjoy this set of novellas.