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The Key to Her Heart*

Romance Didn’t Have Enough Time to Develop

I found this to be an odd story. Except for the prologue, the hero and heroine don’t meet until after the 33% mark. Because they met so late in the novel, there really isn’t enough time to develop a proper romance. It felt like the early time spent in Scotland dealt with mostly inconsequential things, like Daisy getting her bearings and trying to figure out what was going on. This book did have a different element when it flipped back to the present. It was mildly amusing, though in a serious way, that Jock really thought that a demon possessed her because of all of her talk about the future. The idea of the scourge, though, seemed a bit extreme. Wasn’t the use of that only for priests? In other ways, too, the author makes the Highlanders very superstitious, with a healer not even wanting to help Daisy in case she was possessed and his soul would be damned because of his involvement with her. I don’t think this is historically accurate; not everyone would be a religious zealot. I’m not precisely sure when this book is supposed to take place, but it is clearly in medieval times. Some of it just felt off to me in these respects. I didn’t feel like there was enough external conflict going on. There was some, but it felt like it was just kind of stuck on and not fully integrated into the entire story arc. In all honesty, even the Highlander aspect of this story seemed like it was more for window dressing than the actual firm bedrock of a setting; it actually didn’t seem integral for the story or the characters. So for me, the story fell flat in several respects, including an undeveloped romance and not much really going on in the story.