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The Hypochondriac's Pocket Guide to Horrible Diseases You Probably Already Have*

Do Not Read If You Like Medical Information to Be Serious

Like this author’s book on mental disorders, this is a quirky combination of actual facts about unusual medical maladies with some very off-beat humor. If you prefer your information about anything to do with medicine to be serious, you’d be better off skipping this book. But if you don’t mind a little humor with your knowledge intake, this is a surprisingly—if not somewhat scary—read. Most of the humor is in the diagnosis section of each malady, and of course, the cartoon pictures to go along with the diseases and syndromes are meant to be humorous. Although, I actually found some of them to be a little on the scary side! I am a registered nurse, and some information provided is actually spot-on accurate, which is surprising in a humorous book. The author has clearly researched all of these well, enough to both share accurate information and to lampoon the subject matter. The introduction states that this is a new edition; he has updated some straight-up information and played around with some humorous parts. If you don’t mind a book that doesn’t take medical problems too seriously, you might find yourself both amused and educated if you choose to read this book.

NOTE: From what I saw on Amazon, it appears as though the first edition is listed there, not this second. The cartoons are definitely different in the first edition; they appear to be historical art rather than modern-drawn cartoons as are in the edition I received.