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The Honeymooner*

Fun Romantic Comedy with All the Feels

What a delightfully fun romantic comedy! I love the unique start to the book, showing maps to made-up places and an epistolary beginning to the book. Through these letters and emails, we clearly learn a bit of the backstory of the hero and the heroine. Even with that, though, the author still did, in the beginning chapters that introduced them both, dump a little bit too much information all at once instead of letting information flow more naturally in the book. These characters have incredible backstories, but I like to see characters’ histories show up more organically rather than breaking up the flow of the narrative in a big chunk or two. The heroine’s world was tipped on its ear when her affianced leaves her waiting at the altar, breaking it off via text. She takes the honeymoon anyway, hoping to get the owner–whom she had written to previously in those early letters and emails–to take her company’s offer to buy out his nearly bankrupt resort. What she experiences when she goes to this resort is nothing she could have imagined but something that has the potential to change her life if she is willing to let go of the rigid control that she has had over her life since her mother abandoned her to her grandparents when she was a child. What path will she choose? I thought both the characters were well drawn. There were some laugh-out-loud moments. And even though I wouldn’t say I liked the backstory dumped into the text, it did really inform who they were as characters. Their actions reactions made sense given their histories. All in all, it is a well-done book.