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The Heir of Windacre*

The Hunger Games… Naimonet Version

I have read the other books in this series as well as the prequel, and I have quite enjoyed the stories that this author has spun for the imaginary world that she has created in Naimonet. This book is a worthy addition to the series. It definitely has a Hunger Games vibe, but the author has definitely given it her own spin. Windacre is the only principality in Naimonet that doesn’t have a hereditary kingship. A new king is chosen every 18 years by tournament; the final one standing is the new ruler. Reina is a young girl who works hard at a lumber mill to support her family. At the beginning of the book, it is clear that she is weighted down by this responsibility, as her father is gone and her mother is an unrepentant money spender. Despite all the things that happen to her in the book–and there are plenty–Raina is strong, brave, and willing to do what it takes to survive but not go so far as to jeopardize her integrity. In this book, she has a lot of hard choices, and she doesn’t always make the right one; she always does have the best intentions. There’s an interesting cast of characters besides Reina, and the tournament certainly shows both the good and bad in people. I enjoyed the story, finding it to be quite the page-turner as I wanted to find out what Reina would be up against next and how she would handle it.