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The Health Recovery Zone by Cary Kelly*

Too Personal and Often Tangential

This book is an intensely personal view of one woman’s own health recovery and her suggestions about what you can do if you feel you need help in this area. Unfortunately, I think the book is too personal and a bit scattered in its organization. She needed to focus more on her core message and make it applicable to others. Buried deep in the middle of the book, she has what is, for the most part, a good plan for more healthful living, including eating more whole foods, getting enough rest and exercise, and avoiding as many food chemicals as possible. But the book does not follow a logical flow. It feels like a personal rant against a variety of people and institutions. A message on its own is important, of course, but the delivery needs to be right as well.

Along with the major quibbles that I have with this book, as I have somewhat outlined above, I do have one small issue. I am an RN, and she mentioned us, stating that nurses she knows have admitted to not having much training about nutrition. At least in the state where I received my license, we were required to take one full semester of nutrition. I don’t know what it is like in other states, but I actually think that is more education than doctors get on nutrition.

If you enjoy reading books about one person’s personal journey to health as well as that person’s take on a variety of sometimes tangential topics, you may enjoy this book.