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The Golden Hour

Meandering Cozy Mystery in Post Great War Britain

In this sprawling cozy mystery set in post-Great War Britain, Lady Evelyn is newly returned from university when one of her Scottish cousins calls her and asks for her assistance with her mother (Lady Evelyn’s aunt). Before leaving London, she stops in at her aunt’s home, and soon her aunt is traveling with her to find out what is going on with the family in Scotland. When they arrived, much more is happening than the cousin let on. Also, a neighbor has turned his home into an artist’s retreat for veterans of the war. Soon, a murder happens, and then another that is related to her family. Lady Evelyn is determined to figure out all that is going on.

What family secrets are there in Scotland? Who is causing these murders in this neighborhood? What exactly has Lady Evelyn stumbled upon?

If you are accustomed to mysteries that get right to the point, you will need to allow yourself to savor this slow movement of this story. That’s not to say that things don’t happen in an interesting fashion. In fact, I love the humorous way that Aunt Agnes got involved. But it takes a while for us to get to the mysteries at the heart of the book and even longer to untangle them. Personally, I enjoy cozy mysteries that are like this, the kind where you make yourself a cuppa and settle in for a meandering but intriguing ride.

The characters in this story are well-drawn, and the settings are almost characters themselves. The characters are quirky, and many have their own goals and motivations that lead to either help or hinder Lady Evelyn.

If you enjoy long cozy mysteries with a historic backdrop, you might enjoy this book.

I received a free review copy, but this did not affect my review.