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The Flexible Pescatarian*

Flexible for Both Omnivores and Vegetarians

Are you familiar with the concept of pescetarianism? It is most easily defined as vegetarianism plus fish, but the author of this book refers to see it the other way around: a pescatarian is one who would like to eat a more vegetarian diet, eschewing meats of the land, but still desires to have fish and shellfish.

I am just a straight-up vegetarian, but I was intrigued by the concept of this book. Nearly every recipe is either a vegetarian dish that can be made flexible with seafood additions, a seafood dish that can be made vegetarian with substitutions, or has a component that is vegetarian (like a homemade granola that’s a part of a fish dish). The book did not disappoint in its creativity. The author chose some surprising substitutions for fish, especially in recipes that are considered to be fish dishes like Ceviche or Herring and Potato Salad. For the ceviche, the author swapped out hearts of palm for the fish, while in the salad recipe, goat’s cheese was used (which even some seafood lovers may prefer!).

The author is British but does provide American weights and measures for ingredients. There is definitely is British phrasing, vocabulary, and punctuation, but that just adds to the unique character of the cookbook. The book is simply divided into just four chapters: Snack & Small Plates, Soups & Curries, Mains, and Salads & Sides.

Whether you are a vegetarian, a pescatarian, or omnivore who just wants to add creative seafood dishes to their repertoire, you will find this cookbook brimming with recipes that will most likely inspire your own creativity.