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The Five-Second Rule for Kissing*

Humorous and Steamy Installment of Northumberland Nine Series

As one who loves to read, I enjoyed this book in so many ways. I love how it started with the heroine, Josie, walking around the manor with a book in front of her face. Her meeting with the hero, Patrick, was perfect and actually had me for smiling and then laughing. Josie is a prickly heroine. She knows what she wants and doesn’t want; she knows her likes and dislikes. And she has no compunction against sharing either. I almost felt sorry for the hero at the start because she was simply determined not to like him even though he was clearly a decent gentleman.

I don’t know how many of this Northumberland Nine series I’ve read, but I have enjoyed them all to various degrees. I enjoy a good romantic Regency series. I loved the hero and heroine in this book. Josie is so book smart but completely baffled by anything that can’t be read about, quantified, and measured, like emotion and love. The hero is completely swoon-worthy. He falls for her rather hard and fast; it is sweet to see how he thinks and feels about her despite the way she treats him. He wants nothing more than for her to love him as he loves her. They are intellectual equals and have similarly compassionate hearts that could certainly do more for the world together rather than apart. This book is surprisingly steamy but completely in character for both of them and as a natural part of the plot.

There were some issues with grammar, punctuation, and spelling. In particular, commas were an issue. There occasionally was wrong word choice, like condensation instead of condescension. I thought the book did end a little too abruptly. Their HEA had only just been determined when the book ended.

I thoroughly enjoyed the humor of this story, the hero’s worthy heart, and the heroine’s transformation.