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The Finding Nolan Series*

Level of Crudeness Not to My Tastes

This box set follows the romances of a rock band called Finding Nolan. These stories involve the band members as well as some of their assistants and friends. Some of them followed taboo themes, like getting involved with a good friend’s younger sister. I found the stories themselves to be typical of contemporary romance, like friends to lovers and unrequited love. I found the characters fascinating to watch as they figured themselves out as well as their romances. However, I wasn’t expecting all the profanity and crudeness in the books. I guess I should have realized that most contemporary rockstar romances are written with those kinds of words and those kinds of scenes and descriptions. I have read a clean rockstar romance or two, so I forget that they can be this way. I just don’t see the need for so much swearing in modern books, especially romances. The book is also written in the present tense, which I find distancing as a reader. All in all, I can’t say that I recommend this unless you don’t mind profanity and other crudeness.