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The Exodus Hour*

Race Across Europe

The book starts with Brandt cooling his jets at home in the Bay Area when the Deke calls him about a new assignment. It’s supposed to be a relatively straightforward job, and he’ll be able to work with his girlfriend, Casey. But things, of course, can’t go easy in a spy thriller. Soon, they and those they are to protect are in danger and another agent is missing. What follows is a trans-European journey in an attempt to stay ahead of the killers who want to thwart their mission.

I really enjoyed the opening of this book where Brandt is just lying in bed wondering if that how it feels to be on a morgue slab! Perfect thought for a spy. While the officer didn’t spend much time in the San Francisco Bay Area, I loved that little bit about it because I grew up in that area. His description of the fogbank remaining over the ocean is one I remember seeing often. I like Brandt’s easygoing narrative perspective; his is an interesting head to be in, that’s for sure. The book felt a little slow right at the beginning, but as soon as they were in Europe, things heated up quickly, which is just the way it’s supposed to be in a good thriller. The pace was tight, making it a good page-turner, as I was curious to see where they would go next and what would show up to give them a problem. Both Brandt and Casey seem like real people, and I especially love their discussions about what all was going on.

The author’s writing style is very accessible and easy to read. He has a good balance between thoughts, dialogue, narrative, and action. If you enjoy spy thrillers with an element of terrorism as well as a Russian component, you might enjoy this page-turning read.