The Employee Millionaire*

Everything You Need to Consider Before Becoming a Landlord

I’ve had an interest in real estate investing since college. This was reawakened in the last couple of years when I purchased my first home on my own. The realtor and his wife, as they were showing me a house, discussed the possibility of at some point buying up and having rental properties. This is what they have done.

This book is one that could give me the tools needed to pursue that option if I desire. If you are accustomed to reading non-fiction ebooks these days, you know that they are usually short and sometimes light on content. This book is neither, thank goodness. It takes you from analyzing your current financial state to financing a property and eventually renting it out. There is a lot of detail here. The author discusses why rental property is a solid way to wealth and financial freedom. He has you question why you want to go this route and figure out what your goals are. The plusses and minuses of different types of loans and all-cash financing are looked at. He discusses discounted properties. Due diligence and analyzing properties are fully detailed. I especially appreciate that he has several chapters about what to do after the purchase of a rental property, including how to rent the property and whether or not to use a property management company.

You can tell this book was written by someone who has walked the talk. If you have any interest in building wealth through rental properties while still working your regular job, this book is the one that can help set you up on the right way to do it.