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The East End*

Not My Cuppa Tea

I did not like this book. When reading a contemporary book, I like it to feel at least moderately close to my reality, and this book depicted lifestyles that I hope aren’t realistic. Everyone in this book seems to be messed up in some way: problems with alcohol, problems with drugs, problems with petty crimes, problems with terrible spouses, etc. The first near quarter of the book just showed a teenager who vandalizing the rich mansions on his Island on the Hamptons (while contemplating actually stealing) and then one of those owners coming back to town from New York City while he just got crazy high and drunk on the way. I actually wondered, Can somebody do that much cocaine as he did on that short drive and still live?! Plus he was drinking scotch after scotch at the same time. This book had a world I just didn’t want to live in, even in my imagination. The author did have a good way of describing things and getting you into the characters heads, but at times in the early part, it felt like the description was too much, making the pacing slow to a crawl. After the incident with Henry in the pool, things did speed up. But I still just couldn’t get into this world because I just didn’t like it or the people in it.