The Demon King's Destiny*

Intriguing Dreamworld End of Series

In this final installment of the Imperium series, daughter Evelyn meets her mate, the King of the Demons. Interestingly, this book takes place mostly in the dream world. Evelyn first sees her intended mate in her dreams when she’s just a small child. She doesn’t see him often in her dreams after that until she is an adult. The king, Marrok, needs to wait to claim her until things are safer in his land. Groups of demons have gone rogue, becoming more dangerous. Some change in their quest for power while others have it thrust upon them due to old age or infirmity. Will Marrok gain control over his land so he can bring his mate home? What about the cause of other mysterious, ruinous events happening throughout the four kingdoms of Imperium?

This book had the common issues with grammar, punctuation, and usage. In particular, commas seem to be an issue, with the required one missing between independent clauses in a compound sentence. But the story was otherwise well written, so I was not overly distracted.

This world of the four kingdoms of Imperium is very complex and well imagined. The author did a fantastic job of worldbuilding over the course of the three books, and each sister was very much an individual and had a unique mate/story that suited her. I think each story could be read as a standalone, but reading each in sequence enriches understanding because it allows you to comprehend the interweaving elements of the books. If you enjoy steamy paranormal romance with a little bit of humor and danger, you will enjoy this series.