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The Cowboy's Hunt*

Conflict on Several Levels But Some Steamy Moments

This is a tale of opposites attracting. The heroine, Emily, is newly returned from a Peace Corps mission because her father said that the situation was dire back at the family ranch; she was needed at home. Donovan has taken a lease on part of their property, part of the effort to get the ranch back in the black, and he has set up a lodge for hunters who pay a lot to shoot some of the game on the property. Emily’s a vegetarian with very strong feelings about animals. In fact, she attempts to sabotage some of his hunts. An attraction does simmer between them despite them being in very different camps when it comes to meat. Several complications arise in the story, some having to do with the ranch and some having to do with Donovan’s sordid past as the son of an imprisoned con man.

I found the philosophical interplay between the couple to be fascinating to watch. They were each willing to compromise, Donovan taking her to a new vegetarian restaurant and she grudgingly agreeing that shooting the feral Hogs that overran parts of the ranch was perhaps a good idea. The sensual aspect of this felt rushed given the build of the relationship and the back-and-forth issues they had, and oh my goodness, I didn’t suspect that the heroine would be quite as much of a wild child as she was. All in all, I have mixed feelings about this book because of my feelings about the intimate moments, which I didn’t like, and the other aspects of their relationship, which I did like. By the way, this is a part of a series. You don’t really need to read them in order as they can stand alone, though you definitely will enjoy the series better if it is read in order because doing so will give later stories context..