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The Cowboy's Daughter*

Mending Fences

In this contemporary Western romance, Kelly is coming back home to help her parents who are in fear of losing their ranch after she was banished six years ago after becoming pregnant out of wedlock by a man whom she was unwilling to reveal. There has been some relationship mending since that time, but Kelly’s relationships with her parents are still somewhat strained, especially with her father. Imagine Kelly’s surprise when she discovers that her daughter’s father, a former famous bull rider who was grievously injured, is back in town not only to be the master of ceremonies at the town’s annual rodeo but also to open a bull riding school on her father’s land.

I like the strong women in this story—Kelly and her sisters. Even though they don’t have the best relationships with their parents, they all want to help their parents keep the family ranch and uproot their lives to do so. Kelly and the hero did have chemistry. Alissa, their daughter, was adorable and even brought out a softer side of the patriarch. I felt that some elements of a plot weren’t given adequate room to breathe or show reaction adequately. For instance, I thought the hero should have been much angrier at his manager for what he did with the women who claimed he fathered their children. Also, after all the build-up about doing a DNA test, I thought the heroine would be more distressed about the need for it. I felt like a plot line was dropped; namely, the hero should have had some closure about his own paternity since that was a minor plot line.