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The Chronicler and Mr. Smith*

Mr. Smith’s (and Ms. Shaw’s) Wild Ride

Madison Shaw, a New York Times best-selling romance author, meets a mysterious man when she’s promoting her latest book. He doesn’t appear to be a fan, and when he interviews her like a book blogger, the questions he asks mostly aren’t about the book. He ends with asking her some rather bizarre questions that are intensely personal but meaningful to her. He wants her to come with him for her protection, but she refuses, so he gives her his card and asks her to call if she needs him. Soon, Madison is wrapped up in a paranormal world she had no clue existed beyond the fantasy of books and movies.

What a ride this book is! The author has such a masterfully fluid writing style that she pulled me right in, even though I’m not the greatest fan of first-person perspective writing. The voice of Madison is right on target, wholly unique and seems to belong to a three-dimensional person. Mr. Smith is mysterious, though he is an apt guide through the world that Madison will soon be going through.

If you enjoy paranormal NON romance that’s a bit of a thriller with surprising twists and turns and characters that feel wholly real in an unreal world, you might enjoy this fantastic read.