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The Christmas Compromise*

Strong Women in a Familial Battle of Wills

I am not a fan of any novel starting with what I consider to be an information dump. For me, it just sets a wrong tone because I think it’s a terrible writing device. Unfortunately, this book did start with a pretty prodigious data dump, as if the author wanted to catch us up on everything about the main character before she could get rolling. Once I got beyond that, though, I did find this story to be charming and fun to read for the most part. The first half of the book is dominated by the give-and-take of the hero and heroine as they tried to learn how to compromise and work together because of the unfortunate situation that their landlord put them in. There’s also a side plot going for the first half, where the heroine is avoiding seeing her mother. She does go to some extremes to accomplish this. She and her mother have a somewhat fractious relationship. Her mother is a strong-willed woman who has an opinion on just about everything and just wants her daughter to do what she believes is best. Morgan has her own ideas, of course. The second half of the story was definitely about the complexities of this mother-daughter relationship and the romance. Coming from a family of alpha females, I certainly recognized a certain level of veracity within the mother’s character. In fact, she did remind me of some of the women in my family. There are all sorts of lies and secrets going on in this story as well. For a story that is supposed to be a Christmas story, as the title would suggest, it didn’t really feel like it was about the holidays. If you enjoy romances with a strong dollop of family drama, you may very well enjoy this book.