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The Bird with the Broken Wing*

Compelling Story of Life, Death, Second Chances, and Purgatory

A highly unusual story! I read a lot, so it’s rare that I ever think that, and I think that’s the first time I’ve said that in a review. If the author hadn’t have said in the blurb that this takes place mostly in purgatory, I think I would have been as unsure as the human characters about their location. What an intriguing concept, to have purgatory be a rehab/mental hospital! The characters had so much to do before they could move on, and it was a fascinating read as the more significant issues slowly unfolded. The book switches between the viewpoints of the three main characters, and the author has managed to give them each a distinct voice. The author was able to draw me into their stories with the first chapters that show the desperate circumstances the characters were in before they neared death. You could really empathize with both Jet and Ben and what they were going through. The idea of an angel stuck in purgatory added a whole other dimension to the story. A well done and compelling read.

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