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The Billionaire's Christmas Wish*

Low-Angst Sweet Holiday Read

If you enjoy sweet, small-town Christmas romance, this book has all those lovely, light moments that are typical of that sub-subgenre. I liked that the hero and heroine are genuinely good and decent people; you want them to find their HEA. It’s always a pleasure to read about people whom you would actually like to know, not bad boys or rakes—depending on your preferred genre. The two main characters have suffered in their past romantic relationships, and both have trust issues. In an unusual move for a romance, we seem to learn more and understand the hero’s perspective than the heroine’s. While we see both their viewpoints, we usually see his first and so learn about his take on what happened before we understand hers. This is extended to their backstories. I felt like we knew more about him than her, both in the beginning and as the story progressed. This isn’t really a problem; it is just unusual for a romance, as they tend to be woman-centered. I loved Miss Dorrie, who is definitely a catalyst for much that happens between the couple. This is a relatively low angst story, and I did feel like it needed a little more conflict, though it is a pleasant read as it is. If sweet holiday romance is your thing, this lovely novella could cheer up a dreary fall weekend.