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The Arrangement Box Set*

How Will Their Complicated Arrangements Turn Out?

What a long and complicated love story for Kenzie and Nicholas! I’m glad that I got this as a duet, as the story definitely is not over after book one. This is so complex I barely know where to start. Both of the main characters have complicated and hurtful pasts. They get into an arrangement to help Nicholas with some bad PR that his firm is getting. Kenzie is strapped for cash, as she has been since she fled for her life because of an abusive partner; so she agrees to the plan of playing the fake girlfriend for business functions. The author actually did an outstanding job of not making the first part of their relationship sexualized at all. In the beginning, for both, it was strictly an arrangement that was working out well for both parties; they actually became real friends first. So I would definitely call this a slow-burn romance. Even by the end of the first book, not much had happened on that front, though some of their thoughts and feelings towards each other were beginning to change. The second book ramps up the romance much faster. They make a new arrangement, this time a marriage of convenience that he hopes will quell all rumors that have been threatening his company from inside and out. I love how Nicholas is so kind and protective of her, especially after he realizes the extent of her history. There are definitely some dangerous elements in this book, ghosts from the past who still affect the present. If themes and scenes of abuse easily trigger you, you should steer clear of this. I will admit, though, that this book did have me enthralled and made me care about the characters so that I didn’t want to put it down.