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The Angels of Sojourn Novellas Box Set*

Excellent Set of Novellas Based in The Angels of Sojourn World

This is a set of stand-alone novellas based in the Angels of Sojourn world. I thought it was interesting that each book focused on a particular type of paranormal being, vampire, angel, and demon.

In the first novella, ten men have been murdered in such a way that they lost a lot of blood. A vampire on the Blood Board investigates and attempts to control these types of events; he is dispatched to see if there is vampire involvement. He’s only just got to town when a new, but alive, female victim shows that the MO is perhaps evolving. In the second novella, a Highest Order Angel is sent to Earth to clip the wings of an angel who has stolen miracles and revealed herself to her human half-sister. His plans go awry, first when she asks to keep her wings just a little bit longer while her sister is dying and then when she accidentally injures him with his Sword of Light. His target’s compassion in assisting with his injuries makes him question what to do. In the final book, a woman who is sent to Hell to gather the lost souls each day is sent on a mission by the Unfortunate to distract a human. The man is a CEO, and it looks like he is going to be charged with embezzlement. His supposed crimes are tied in with the devil’s request, and now the CEO and this soul gatherer work together to clear his name…but is she really on his side?

The author is able to present these paranormal stories in such a way that the emotions and reactions of the characters seem realistically human. In the first story, you have a vampire who is so appalled by what he has done in his earlier days that he seeks to prevent others from causing harm. In detail, we understand his past and current struggles. But I was particularly drawn to the second story. The female angel whose wings were to be clipped was always acting selflessly, first for her sister and then for the angel who had come to take away her power. She nurtured him back to health, even knowing that at any moment, as soon as he got stronger, he could take her immortality. The struggles in all stories felt realistic even though in a paranormal setting, evoking sympathy and compassion for what they were going through.