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Textbook Murder*

Lawyer who Doesn’t Like to Practice Law Investigates Murder

Chloe is a lawyer who doesn’t like practicing the law! While working as an office manager at a law firm, she has been an adjunct professor of law on the side. Going to interview for a full-time position at Spencer University, she doesn’t expect to get it. She does, and on her first day at the university, she discovers the man she has come to replace lying dead on his desk. He was planning to take a sabbatical from teaching to defend a man who is charged with embezzlement, Randall Whittier. Chloe decides to go to the dead professor’s home, where she runs into Randall. Rather quickly she determines that he is not directly involved in the professor’s murder, and the two team up to help get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Is Chloe correct in her assessment of Randall? Who would want the Professor dead?

I enjoyed the second book of this new series by Laina Turner. I was expecting to see the amateur sleuth from the previous book here again, but I was pleasantly surprised so discover that, while the university is going to stay the same in the series, the amateur sleuths will change. I enjoyed the interaction between Chloe and Randall, two strangers who don’t know each other but want to figure out what has transpired.

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