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Tempt the Beauty*

Sudden Attraction and Family Machinations

Rosey just wants to have fun on her 24th birthday when she and her dog JT literally run into Wade, an ER Trauma surgeon. While JT gets friendly with Wade’s leg, Wade gets a little friendly with Rosie. He agrees to come to her birthday bash at a club. Before that, at a dinner with his parents, he is informed that they’ve set up a business merger with the expectation that he will marry the daughter of the other family, and she will run both companies. Wade is not too pleased about this, and neither is his Aunt Mel, who had always hoped her son would take over the family business since Wade wasn’t interested.

Will Wade’s family force him to marry this daughter to save the business? What about his new feelings for Rosey? What is Aunt Mel willing to do to get what she wants?

This book had a surprising amount going on for such a short novella. Too much, actually. Things are going on with both Rosey’s parents and Wade’s parents and their respective businesses as well as the romance. To fully appreciate all this, more time was needed with each of the elements. Wade and Rosey fell pretty quick for each other, which I understand is needed with such a complex plot that has been shoehorned into a novella, but it didn’t feel organic or natural. And, goodness, some of what Wade said to Rosey when they first met would make give nearly any woman the creeps! By the way, this is definitely a steamy read.