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Success Basics*

Success Roundup

In this book, the author purports to give you the keys that will help you transform your life into a success. He does talk about a variety of subjects that relate to taking charge of your life and trying to make a success of yourself. Topics include identity, goal setting, taking responsibility, handling peer pressure, and inner will, as well as short little memory jogs that are supposed to help you remember what he calls the three Ds and five Ps of success.

To me, the book did not seem like success basics learned by the author from his own experience. It seemed more like a gathering of information from a variety of sources and organized by the author. Nothing seems unique, and nothing is given in enough detail to help you transform your life into a success. To be valuable, the sections needed more context as well as more actual and actionable information. At the end of each section, the author gives action steps, but they weren’t really those in the way we that we typically think about them. There was little action, some thought, but not much about to how concretely put the principles in the book into action.

The author is clearly not a native English speaker, although his English is very good. He should have had this book copyedited by someone who is a native English speaker, as some phrasing was difficult to follow and more grammatical errors existed than are common in today’s independently published books.

The book is also strongly religious. Because of the issues with language and the lack of substance, I cannot recommend this book.