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Stone and Iron*

Fitting End to Awesome Series

I have so enjoyed this series, and I am sorry to see it end. The author has created an amazing cast of characters whom we got to know more and more deeply as the series progressed, which I think is important in an episodic series like this one, but it is not always attained by authors. Each of the characters is just incredibly well drawn and very complex. Over the course of the series, I truly enjoyed watching the various relationships evolve. Maeve and her group of dragon-men are truly special, and I love both the personal story and as well as the outside-world story. Maeve, especially, grew and changed over the course of the books; at first, she was a naive girl, but she grows into a powerful woman who commands respect and has earned her powers (both magical and mundane).

But more about this specific book. The book starts much like the two previous ones, where the first part of the book deals with the aftermath of the end of the previous one and has a few sexy, steamy scenes. But then the action picks up. And boy, did it pick up in this book! This novel certainly did have some twists and turns that made it a real page-turner that I didn’t want to put down. I especially enjoyed getting to know Gwayne better. He has been a bit of a shadowy character in the other books, but I think that was necessary to maintain a certain level of mystique with him. So I particularly enjoyed the sections that were from his perspective. He has a mental and emotional depth that was only hinted at in the previous books. Surprisingly, I found this book to be quite emotional in parts and in different ways. I definitely needed a tissue or two along the way, and I love a book that fires up my emotions. I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys RH stories or epic fantasy told over the course of several books.