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Stone and Ash*

No Mid-Series Slump!

I am so enjoying this series. I appreciate that the author has written four books in which each book focusing not only the heroine and the story but on one of her dragon-shifter protectors as well. For instance, the first book is told from Maeve’s and Trystan’s perspectives, the second book is told from Maeve’s and Caliban’s perspectives, and this book is told from Maeve and Septimus’ perspectives. This allows us to see Maeve’s growth arc over all of the books and gives the spotlight to one of the men in each book. All this just adds to the richness of the storyline, the characters, and the world that the author has created. I thought this book started a little slow, as it seemed to be mostly just Maeve and the boys back at the castle adjusting to their new roles and having some amorous encounters for about the first 20% of the book. But after that, things heated up. Much happened after this point. There were definitely some twists and turns, and what a cliffhanger to leave us with! This book definitely dealt with themes of trust and betrayal on several levels. As always, I enjoy this author’s writing style; it pulled me right into the book and the fantastical lives of the characters. I regret that I have just one book to go in this series, but I am looking forward to seeing the resolution of the cliffhanger as well as how or if the marriage will affect the relationships between Maeve and the men. I highly recommend this series, though I do suggest you start with the first book.