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Stilettos & Scoundrels*

Who Killed the Senator?

After a MeToo moment, heroine Presley quits her job in HR and decides to become a journalist. The day after her first interview, her subject–a senator–is found murdered, the weapon being a stiletto heel. Was Presley the last one to see him alive? Her ex-boyfriend Cooper thinks she’s a suspect.

Who murdered the senator? Does this spell the end for Presley’s new career . . . and her freedom? Will old feelings resurface between her and Cooper, or will they be at each other’s throats?

This is the debut novel for the author. I think she was attempting to do one of those quirky, funny cozy mysteries, with humor, but she fell out short of the mark. I’m willing to cut her slack as it is her first book. I am interested to see what happens in book 2.

Just a side comment . . . This book is full of brand names and cultural references. I wonder if that dates a book and/or makes it less accessible to those who aren’t familiar with these references. Books can live on Amazon and other online book stories for a long time. Will a reader ten years from now understand what the references mean?

I received a free copy of this book, but that did not affect my review.