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Stained Bonds*

Learning More about Father and the Sires

Marcella and the boys are back! We learn much about Marcella’s father and the four Sires. Many conflicts keep this book moving, and much space is given to RH fun. In fact, there might be a little too much as the latter; there seems to be a lot of it presented in very vivid detail. While I always enjoy the arc of the individual stories within this series, I’m always somewhat repulsed by the level of profanity in the books as I don’t really see a need for it; I think authors believe they need to do so to appeal to late-teen, early twenties readers. There were some issues with grammar, punctuation, and usage, including a dangling modifier right in the first paragraph. If you’ve enjoyed the other books in this series, you’ll most likely enjoy this one that looks deeper into the entire world of the series. If you are new to this series, you definitely need to start at book one because it does build book by book.