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Good Idea, Execution Weak

I am of several minds of this book. I liked the Arthurian backdrop, though I don’t think it was explored to its full extent. The characterization seemed inconsistent, and I thought the heroine was a bit too naïve and trusting of the hero. Just because he’s hot and saved her life doesn’t mean he’s necessarily trustworthy. There were definite issues with grammar, punctuation, and usage. Commas were problematic, as they often are in self-pubbed work, but there are other places where the wrong punctuation was used as well, like errant periods and incorrect punctuation of dialogue. The dialogue tags were a little odd at times and didn’t seem to always go with what the action was, so it was a little jarring. I think the story definitely needed tightening and focusing at the hands of a good editor. That being said, the author did create an interesting world; the execution just didn’t quite live up to the ideas.