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Song of Sacrifice*

Stunning Look at Ancient Troy from Women’s Perspectives

The book opens with a scene of Queen Hecuba of Troy having a hard time sleeping as she ponders the child she carries and the disturbing visions she’s been having of coming conflict. She also reflects on her life as one of the wives of King Priam.

What a simply stunning book! It brought to life the myths and legends of ancient Greece in a most complexly detailed way. But, unlike the way we usually hear about them, the story is not told through the eyes of the heroes. Instead, it unfolds as seen by the heroines. I would venture to say that behind every hero stands a heroine or two. This is their story. It starts just before the Fall of Troy.

The author is able to convey the thoughts, fears, and emotions of these women as they see history unfold around them a compelling way. Though we are separated from these ancient heroines by millennia, the issues they confront are universal and timeless. The author’s ability to get inside these women’s heads was amazing in its depth; it made their emotions real and their plights understandable on a deep level. This book is immersive; I felt like I was there with them, seeing what they were seeing and feeling what they were feeling. It’s rare to find an author who writes in this fashion, and it was amazing to be a part of this world. For me, this was even more powerful as this era is not one I’ve gone to often in my historical fiction reading.

There were a few issues with grammar, punctuation, and usage, but that did not detract from the story.

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