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Something So Sweet*

Coming Home is Complicated

Coming back to her hometown for a visit after a not-so-successful foray in the big city, the heroine finds some things have remained the same while others have changed. Her old flame, the one she left when she chose to go away, is still of interest, but his younger cousin is even more so. The author was able to convey lightness and humor throughout the story in a convincing way. I think humor is hard to pull off in stories, but this author was able to make the tone feel light and playful most of the time. She did pull away from this when needed, like when showing the heroine’s disillusionment with her job. Sometimes, it felt like there were too many song references. I think that’s a danger when used in books as all readers may not be familiar with all the songs (so may perhaps miss the context they are meant to impart). But all in all, this is a fun contemporary romance.