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Someone Else's Fairytale*

Fantastic Tale of Intrigue, Romance, and the Paranormal

We meet Hanna just as she is having her #MeToo moment in her position as a nanny. Now out of a job, she crashes with a friend in her haunted house. Soon, they see a strange want ad that could be the solution to Hanna’s problems. Someone is looking for a governess at an English manor. (And, yes, this is a contemporary story!) Though it is strange, the money is good, so she goes to the interview. The elderly grandmother of the owner of the manor house has dementia, and according to the grandson, she believes her dead child is alive but suffering for want of a governess. So to help ease the old lady, the grandson wants to hire a governess for the ghost!

Are there ghosts at this English manor house? What other secrets will be exposed within its walls?

Oh, my! This book had some fantastic twists and turns that I’ll let you discover for yourself. There are subplots galore, and the way they interweave with each other and the main plot is satisfying and surprising at times. The author is a very skilled writer, creating this complex world in such a seamless way that it pulls you in and makes you want to keep reading… no matter what else you need to do in your real life. 🙂 With the opening scene, she made Hanna such a sympathetic character, and she was able to maintain that through the entire text. Greg, the grandson, is a complex but exceedingly kind man, the type to indulge a sweet old lady as her mind slips away. He’s a great hero! And he and Hanna have good chemistry, and I love the way that they look out for each other. The paranormal aspect of the ghosts added a fascinating otherworldly layer to the book.

If you enjoy stories with intrigue,  romance, the bad guys getting their due, and the paranormal, you will most likely find this to be a compelling read.

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