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Social Skills Training Collection*

May Help If Socially Awkward or Introverted

This box set includes three different books that the author states will help you in social situations if you consider yourself to be socially awkward or introverted. The first book covers what the author considers to be social intelligence, including understanding body language and voice tonality, and then branches out into ways to put your best foot forward in conversation, work environments, dating, and social media. The second book is geared toward the social introvert. The third book is about conversation and drills down into specifics like how to maintain the flow at the beginning, middle, and end of a conversation as well as how to handle difficulties if they come up and specific ideas for particular scenarios. Each of these topics is relatively short, but the author actually does have some good tips and insights on all of these topics. Two of the books within the set end with a 30-day challenge to get the reader engaged. While this book wouldn’t teach a socially awkward or introverted person everything they need to know about these topics, it does provide some key concepts that could help make social interactions less awkward by giving the person strategies for different situations.