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Snowglobes and Secrets*

Murder Before New Shop Even Opens

The book starts off with a bang with a 911 call to report a dead body. Read Wine has not even opened yet, but the owners found a dead body who is well-known to them. It is the woman whom Sally’s husband left her for. This, of course, makes Sally suspect number one in the women’s murder. Her friends and fellow co-owners, Trixie and Cora, do not believe but she would be capable of it and seek clues that will track down the real killer. The killer who wants the money is still stalking Trixie.

Who killed the woman? Will the killer get what he wants? What lengths will the women go to on both counts?

I am of several minds about this book. I’ve read a lot of this author’s books lately, and I can see an improvement in her writing style around the depth of characterization and more solid narrative prose. That being said, she really needs to hire a good editor or proofreader–or replace the one she has–as this book is really flawed in terms of grammar, punctuation, and usage. I also thought that she had Trixie do something stupid and dangerous, and something that I am not sure fits with the character that we’ve seen in the prequel and previously in this book. In general, too, I’m not a fan of serialized novels unless that is stated clearly. That is not the case in this series. Supposedly this series is a prequel, book 1, and book 2, but they’re more like episodes in a longer work. I prefer to know these kinds of things at the beginning.