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Snowflakes at the Little Christmas Tree Farm*

All About the Trees and Romance in Scotland

What a charming and sweet little Christmas romance! The heroine, Leah, after seeing and hearing the evidence of her boyfriend boss’s betrayal, drunkenly buys a Christmas tree farm in Scotland sight unseen. In the cold light of day, she determines that she probably did so because her father always wished to return to his Scottish roots, and her mom loved Christmas. So even though it leaves her with just two thousand pounds in her bank account, she does in fact buy the farm and heads to Scotland. Unfortunately, it is not what she thinks. It is quite run down and in need of much repair, and of course, she has no idea how to run a Christmas tree farm. Luckily, helpful neighbor Noel, who is a pumpkin farmer, is willing to help her out.

I appreciated that this was not one of those instalove or instalust kind of books. When the couple first meets, he is not sure of her true intentions, and he truly loves the farm and wants it to prosper. When he realizes they are on the same page, things start to get more interesting as he helps her out. Their chemistry is slow burn but palpable. As contemporary British romantic and mystery literature often happens to be, this story has a meandering pace and is very character-driven, not plot-driven so much. There’s no heavy action going on here, just realistic interactions between characters. If you know and accept all, the story is fine. But if you are used to faster-paced stories, you might be disappointed. However, I did find it to be a sweet and charming romance. As a bonus, you get to learn a little about Christmas trees and tree farming as well!

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