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Six Isles' Witches and Dragon Shifter Romance Box Set*

Immerse Yourself in the Complex World of Dragon Shifters, Witches, and the Creeping Rot

I reviewed the first two books of this series separately earlier. It’s nice to get these four books together in a set. The author has done an excellent job of creating a complex alien world of wealthy dragon shifters and humans, some of whom are witches. The dragons live above the planet’s surface on floating islands; the humans either live and work with them or live in a not-to-pleasant place called Undercity. The common storyline running through these books is about the Creeping Rot, which is a disease that strikes without mercy, killing those in the society who have magic. In the first book, a witch is found who can heal those who are affected by the Creeping Rot. The second book extends the concept by having them seek out, despite the threat of much peril, a cure. Fear that the Rot has spread to more distant parts of their world arises when they hunt for a fugitive in the third book. The final book’s focus shifted from the Creeping Rot to politics.

Aside from the central focus of each book, each story also had a romance between a witch and one of the dragon shifters. In two of the books, the witches had come directly from Undercity, which is a place where the less fortunate live, one who was rescued from prison before her death sentence was to be carried out and one who was a lottery “winner” (allowing her to live in the Six Isles but requiring her to work for one of the dragons). The books with these two heroines, books 1 and 3, also looked at issues having to do with power and control. Book three especially was not afraid to look at abuse, including the history of abuse of the dragon shifter’s now dead sister as well as the contemporary storyline involving the new storm witch who was physically and mentally abused by her Six Isles’ master at her last job. In fact, for book three, that seems to be a more predominant theme than the one about the Creeping Rot. the author sensitively explores the root causes and repercussions of those kinds of abuse.