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Sisters in the West*

Good Characterization; Flawed Delivery

The author successfully managed to create two very different sisters. She sets this up when the book opens. As one of five sisters myself, I quite enjoy the interaction between these two ladies. In fact, I think the author’s greatest strength is characterization in this novel. All The characters felt distinct. I wasn’t as enamored with the plot. The blurb seems to promise one thing, but the book delivers another.  Also, the book is billed as a western romance, but it seems more heavy on the western revenge plot than the romance part. There were some problems with grammar, punctuation, and usage, especially with dialogue. The author didn’t seem to understand how to punctuate or capitalize dialogue, and that was a little distracting. She also likes to use some very emotive dialogue tags, which can be distracting as well; I’d like to think the sisters weren’t truly exclaiming or demanding as much as the author said they were! I rarely see westerns that are based in Canada, so that was an interesting variation from the typical western.

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