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Should've Been Us*

Unrequited Love and Enemies to Lovers… Heck Yeah!

Oh, my gosh, what a delightful contemporary romance! I loved that this book had two popular romance tropes: unrequited love as well as enemies-to-lovers, and the man in question was different in both. The heroine was so relatable. Her pity parties and moments of self-reflection are so believable for a woman who is watching the man she has loved for a long time marry another woman. She is fragile and vulnerable but also at the perfect place in her life to learn more about herself so she can move on. Connor, the hero, has loved her for a long time even though he has kept up the charade that they are enemies. But his actions speak so loudly of his true feelings as he is protective of her even in her moments when she self-sabotages. He’s a great hero. Of course, they are not really enemies; there has definitely been some mild antagonism between them. Not I think that the opposite of love isn’t hate but rather indifference, and these two are far from indifferent to each other even at the beginning. In fact, I would say their chemistry sizzles off the page from the first time we see the two of them together, even if the heroine doesn’t want to admit it. Between these delightful characters and the blending of two romantic tropes, the author has delivered all the feels on the emotional level as well. If you like contemporary romance, this is a hard book to beat.