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Shifters of Brigantia*

Mega Collection of Shifter Series

Oh, my! What a fantastic box set of 12 paranormal shifter romance novellas! There are actually 3 series included, with 4 books each. I’ve enjoyed a previous series by this author, but I hadn’t read any from these series. These stories are different from your typical shifter romance ones in that there is a greater story arc that covers the entire mega-series, the classic fight between Good and Evil, Life and Destruction, and the imagined world (and its history and rules) is more complex than is typical. Even though each story is relatively short, the characters feel well developed and three dimensional. The heroes and heroines have undeniable chemistry. Some stories had a depth of emotion that I found surprising for both the subgenre and the length of the novella. I did think that the beginnings of some of them had a bit too much of an informational dump, but I tend to see that a lot in novellas, where authors seem to need to “get it all out there” so they can go on with the story they want to tell. I also thought that most of them did end a little too abruptly; again, this is something I feel like I often see in series, where the author doesn’t want to give away too much that might spoil the other books.

I did like how each of the three series that are included in this mega collection is based around the concept not only the animals—white tiger, jaguar, and panther—but also the idea that these animals represent in this world—guardian, champion, and assassin respectively. The magical women are paired with the type of hero that can best protect her and her magic. If you enjoy complex magical shifter romance, you may very well enjoy this well-written collection of series.